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    An HSA is the smart, tax-free way to pay for health care -- now and in the future. If you’ve chosen a High Deductible Health Plan and are eligible for an HSA, your first step is to decide how much you want to contribute. Some people like to save enough just to pay for health care they’ll need this year. Others add more to their account to cover future medical expenses –like a long-term savings plan. Either way, when you have an HSA, you pay less in taxes and make it easier to pay for things like doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and other medical needs.
    How much should you contribute to your HSA?
    This HSA Planner can help your decide. The planner has two simple steps – coverage and expenses – and takes just five or ten minutes to complete. Fill in the boxes, and the planner does the rest! If you need help, check out the Tools and Resources boxes you'll see along the way. Ready? Start with Step 1 below.
    Step 1: Coverage
      Who will be covered under your plan?
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